【Intersections of Indigenous Culture and Health】11/17~12/15 Lunch Lecture Series

The USRCultureHealthproject team organizesIntersections of Indigenous Culture and HealthLunch Lecture Series, aiming to deepen NTU faculty and students’ awareness regarding indigenous research ethics, cultural practices, and cultural rights. We invite you to participate and reflect on the importance of culture in health and health research together during lunchtime!


·  Lecture Time: 11/17(Fri.), 11/24(Fri.), 11/28(Tue.), 12/5(Tue.), 12/15(Fri.)

·  12:20-1400 (12PM doors open, with lunch provided)

·  Location: Global Lounge, NTUCPH 1F

·  Admission: Free

·  Target Audience: Everyone with an interest in indigenous cultural and health issues

·  Advisory Organization: Center for University Social Responsibility, Ministry of Education

·  Organizer: College of Public Health, National Taiwan University

·  Registration: https://forms.gle/34sRXBCYRK1t3LsK6


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact phlee.assistant@gmail.com.